SideshowMania!: Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3: Part 2

This is the second half of Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3. and whilst it includes a few matches of note – most particularly LAX vs the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, who still move like it’s the 1980s even though the rock and roll figure they most resemble is Iron Maiden’s Eddie mascot – the main attraction here is the Clusterfuck.

The Spring Break Clusterfuck is basically a comedy battle royale, a wild parody of the Royal Rumble. (A nice point which allows for more variety of spots is that the Clusterfuck takes a leaf from MLW’s Battle Riot match format – in that as well as over-the-top-rope elimination being legal, conventional pins also are.) And because of WWE’s Saudi Arabian antics this past year with the Greatest Royal Rumble, Janela’s decided to up his game and offer up… the Greatest Clusterfuck.

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SideshowMania!: Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3: Part 1

The more comedic flipside of BloodsportJoey Janela’s Spring Break debuted two years ago as GCW’s major Wrestlemania week offering for Wrestlemania 33 and has now become a monster – to the point where they had to split it over two nights.

There is, of course, a question mark over whether this will be Joey Janela’s Spring Break this time next year; Janela’s signed to AEW, and whilst they seem to be cultivating a pretty friendly relationship with a range of indies, it’ll be interesting to see whether they’re keen on one of their own putting their name to an indie show once they’re up and running.

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SideshowMania!: AIW Slumber Party Massacre

This is another promotion which ran its Wrestlemania-piggybacking show as part of the GCW collective, and they seem to be in a niche not that far away from ISW – maybe a bit lighter on the comedy, maybe a bit heavier on the hardcore stipulations, but they still book Swoggle.

In fact, they booked Swoggle vs. Scott Steiner, in what looks set to be a decidedly meme-worthy match.

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SideshowMania!: ISW Boner Jam IV: Balls Out

Inter Species Wrestling isn’t a promotion I’ve previously seen, but based on the talent involved it looks like a comedy deathmatch promotion – if such a thing is possible.


At any rate, Matt Tremont on the card means deathmatch shit is almost certain because you don’t use that dude for his command of flippy shit, their logo is a parody of the NJPW “King of Sports” kitty and they prominently advertise a Lego Deathmatch on the card. This came with the GCW package, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

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SideshowMania!: Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport

As mentioned, rather than doing full TV Party Tonight! treatments for the WrestleMania indie shows, I’m going to instead do little articles like this on those I happen to catch, within which I won’t do full match-by-match breakdowns so much as I just spill my general thoughts.

Game Changer Wrestling are putting on an absurd number of shows this weekend – they’re clearly bidding to set themselves up as a top-tier indie promotion. The secret seems to be offering something distinctly different in each show. That’s particularly evident with the Bloodsport shows – this year it’s Josh Barnett’s Bloodspoot, in previous years it was Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport but, well, you can blame William Regal for that changing. (Incidentally, Dean Ambrose and William Regal were spotted sitting together at this year’s Bloodsport, so I guess Ambrose is doing WWE the favour of helping out with some talent scouting, seeing how he doesn’t have a Wrestlemania match to prepare for.)

The particular Bloodsport schtick is that it’s a sort of blended MMA-wrestling event: the matches, I believe, are worked, but the performers are chosen either for MMA chops or at least some sort of “shoot badass” reputation (real or kayfabe) and rather than working conventional wrestling matches it’s this sort of hybrid sport. There’s no ropes on the ring, and there’s no pinfalls – just referee stoppage – but it’s not a no-DQ situation, with various proper rules being enforced. The end result involves a lot of MMA-ish matwork along with pro wrestling storytelling given a particular twist due to the particular rules that the heels have to evade.

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