Going to a Show!: She-1 Series 2018, Pro Wresting:EVE – Part 5, Show 4 Results and Final Thoughts

Here it is – the final card of the weekend.

  1. Charlie Morgan (c) vs. Kay Lee Ray (EVE Championship Match)
  2. Block A Winner vs. Block B Winner vs. Block C Winner (SHE-1 Tournament Finals)

There will also be tiebreaker matches if any of the blocks ended show 3 with tie.

The results, plus my final thoughts on the series as a whole, are below the cut.

Charlie Evans vs. Madison Eagles

Madison wins after a serious war between the two Australians and gets a “please come back” chant. Charli doesn’t do badly though, getting in the most offense she has all weekend.

Jetta and Erin Angel vs. Millie McKenzie and Command Bolshoi

Jetta pins Millie after some shenanigans. Bit of a comedy match, including Millie declaring herself the Sarah Ferguson of British Wrestling (since Jetta calls herself the Princess Diana). Good to see that Millie wasn’t hurt in Show 3, anyway.

It turns out that this was Command Bolshoi’s way of exiting EVE on her back. This weekend was her first appearance for them, having reached out to them to volunteer when they were trying to fill out the last places on the card. Emily and Dann both told us at points over the weekend that the inspiration for EVE came from seeing Bolshoi’s work, so naturally they jumped at the chance.

I’m glad they did, because apparently Bolshoi is retiring from the ring in April, so if you wanted to see her perform live in the UK this was your one and only opportunity. Having not been familiar with her work until this tournament I feel privileged to have witnessed her appearance and will make a point of looking some up later on. As far as people who debuted in 1991 go, Bolshoi’s still absurdly good.

Kasey vs. Laura di Matteo

This had a bit more going on, with Kasey cutting a promo on Rhia O’Reilly (who was watching at ringside) urging her to get well soon so Kasey could end her career permanently. (She also alluded to someone in the locker room also dealing with an injury, which might be a reference to Viper.) Then Kasey worked Laura’s knee in a painful-looking submission and taunted Rhia whilst she was doing so. The lack of focus cost Kasey the match though.

Jamie Hayter vs. Kris Wolf vs. Toni Storm (SHE-1 Tournament Finals)

Naturally, they broke out the biggest spots for this – appalling cruelty to Tito from Hayter, Toni and Hayter brawling in the crowd, Hayter tying Kris Wolf to the balcony and Wolf having to chew herself loose, and a perfectly executed table spot. Hayter stole a pin on Kris which was rightfully Toni’s, so she’s going to get a main event spot at Wrestle Queendom, and to be honest I can’t say that’s a bad booking call, because on the basis just of what I saw this weekend she’s about as perfect a villain as you can find in wrestling these days.

Charlie Morgan (c) vs. Kay Lee Ray (EVE Championship Match)

After a burlesque lipsyncing performance from Scarlet O’Whorea, we get our main event. Kay Lee Ray is billed in EVE as the Hardcore Daredevil. (She isn’t in World of Sport, presumably because ITV would never allow her to do anything hardcore on TV.) Charlie showed willing to go extreme in the previous shows. So if you were expecting a hardcore match out of this, you got one – including a dive by Charlie off the balcony – but mostly in terms of the competitors doing a lot of high-flying stuff.

Foreign objects didn’t feature until Nina Samuels arrived with a chair after a devastating exchange had left Morgan and Ray exhausted. Taped to the chair was her Wildcard Contract – which is exactly what it sounds like, a contract she presumably won in some Money In the Bank-esque event which she can cash in at the moment of her discretion for a championship match. This was her moment, and with the match now a triple threat she used the chair to finish off both competitors and pinned Charlie for the title.

After the match Charlie seemed to have issues on exiting the ring and had to be helped upstairs, but was fine to show up during the closing applause for Command Bolshoi and I also saw her exiting the venue under her own steam, so hopefully she’s OK.

Final Thoughts

It felt like there were a lot of injuries this weekend – ranging from minor stuff like Jetta having a black eye to more worrying stuff like the Viper situation and Rhia’s knee. I really hope nobody thinks the worse of EVE for that because I cannot see how Emily, Dann, or their crew (all of whom did a fine job over the weekend) could have reasonably prevented any of the injuries that happened.

Any wrestling show not deliberately framed as a one off-has to do two jobs: it needs to present an entertaining event in its own right, but it also needs to sell you on a future event. Job done on both counts: Wrestle Queendom 2 tickets go on sale 7pm tomorrow, and I intend to be there, calendar permitting.

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