Going to a Show!: She-1 Series 2018, Pro Wresting:EVE – Part 4, Show 3 Results

The card as advertised:

  1. Madison Eagles vs. Millie McKenzie (SHE-1 Block A Match)
  2. Jamie Hayter vs. Viper (SHE-1 Block A Match)
  3. Charli Evans vs. Rhia O’Reilly (SHE-1 Block B Match)
  4. Kasey vs. Kris Wolf (SHE-1 Block B Match)
  5. Jetta vs. Jinny (SHE-1 Block C Match)
  6. Command Bolshoi vs. Toni Storm (SHE-1 Block C Match)

Full breakdown of how it went is under the cut.

Madison Eagles vs. Millie McKenzie (SHE-1 Block A Match)

Millie comes in with her shoulder taped up and is clearly overwhelmed in the strength stakes by Eagles. She’s able to survive for a bit but has to tap once Eagles puts her into a submission that works that shoulder, and needs to be assisted out of the ring in a moment I thought wasn’t worked but which people around me thought was. Eagles comes away from the tournament with 2 points, Millie ends with 0 points and a (maybe kayfabe) injury.

Jamie Hayter vs. Viper (SHE-1 Block A Match)

Hayter’s first match in the tournament was won with cowardice and trickery, her second with ultraviolence. For this one she combined cowardice, trickery, and violence by attacking Viper midway through her entrance with a chair, kicking off a brawl which works its way through the audience giving everyone a good look at what a chair shot looks like up close. Eventually she gets Viper into the ring and wins with a head stomp onto the chair. Viper is apparently concussed, in what I thought was a work but people around me thought was legit – I guess it hinges on whether Viper was able to brace herself to take the force of the shot on her elbows instead of her face. Either way, final scores for the pair is Hayter on 6, Viper on 4, with Hayter going through to the final.

Jetta vs. Kasey (SHE-1 Block C Match)

Jetta declares her intent to at least come out of this tournament having scored, having earned a big fat 0 in 2017’s SHE-1. Amazingly, she does, enduring Kasey’s relentless offence to take it to a time limit draw. I have never seen a crowd so overjoyed by a draw before. Both end the tournament on 1 point each.

Erin Angel vs. Kris Wolf (SHE-1 Block B Match)

At the start of the show Dann mentioned that Kris was already going to win B-block (though based on the rules it should have been possible for Morgan or Evans to force a tiebreaker if Kris lost this match – oops), so this match was largely about how much Erin would exhaust Kris before her big final in show 4. Joke’s on Erin: so far as I can tell Kris has pretty much infinite energy reserves. Despite being momentarily distracted by a delicious roast chicken and shenanigans in the crowd, Wolf won to take the block B spot in the final.

Command Bolshoi vs. Toni Storm (SHE-1 Block C Match)

Toni wins but Bolshoi really takes her through her paces. Largely a serious match, given the stakes involved, though there was a funny spot where Toni tweaked Bolshoi’s silly little Mickey Mouse nose on her mask.

Charli Evans vs. Charlie Morgan (SHE-1 Block B Match)

The main event had zero stakes as far as the outcome of the SHE-1 went goes, because Kris had already won her match, but obviously the story here is whether Evans would render Morgan incapable of handling her championship match this evening. It’s an open question; whilst Morgan won, Evans dished out a lot of punishment. Another one for fans of crowd brawling, which seems to be becoming more frequent as the weekend progresses. Weird how you never have a tournament where the most exciting matches happen in the first round, eh?

So, the final standings are as follows:

Block A:

  • 6 points – Jamie Hayter
  • 4 points – Viper
  • 2 points – Madison Eagles
  • 0 points – Millie McKenzie

Block B:

  • 6 points – Kris Wolf
  • 4 points – Charlie Morgan
  • 2 points – Charli Evans
  • 0 points – Erin Angel

Block C:

  • 6 points – Toni Storm
  • 4 points – Command Bolshoi
  • 1 point – Kasey and Jetta

Charlie Morgan’s final score, of course, has a big fat asterisk next to it, since she came in late as a substitute and earned all the points it was possible for her to earn in the remaining matches. She’s got Kay Lee Ray to look forward to, and if she gets past that a match at Wrestle Queendom with whoever wins the meetup between Kris Wolf, Toni Storm, and Jamie Hayter, whose arc from chickenshit heel into absolutely vilely evil monster over the course of the SHE-1 series feels to me like it’s the most significant story of this tournament.

One thought on “Going to a Show!: She-1 Series 2018, Pro Wresting:EVE – Part 4, Show 3 Results

  1. A little update on this: Viper just retweeted ICW’s promotion of a match between her and Kay Lee Ray on the 2nd December, so she’s probably OK (or at least is confident she won’t have to miss the match).


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